There are many videos on YouTube that feature the U-2, but many are unoriginal or unremarkable. Here is my selection of the best ones (for my choice of historical U-2 videos, go to my U-2 history website)

U-2: ALL ABOUT AMERICA’S SECRET SPY PLANE  A good recent production by Forces TV, which is a British organization closely associated with the UK armed forces. Eloquent and enthusiastic explanations of why the U-2 is unique, from instructor pilot “Nova” and test pilot Lt Col Neal Hinson. Mostly shot at Beale AFB, but with some historical footage, and also some comments by yours truly! The Forces TV website has some well-illustrated pages that provide an overview of U-2 history and current operations:

THE U-2 DRAGON LADY: THE EVOLUTION  A short video made at Beale featuring pilots telling what it is like to fly the Dragon Lady, and explaining how the modern jet compares with the earlier versions:

U-2 DRAGON LADY: DESERT DRAGONS Made by Andrew ‘Spoo’ Clark, who checked out in 2005 and rose to become commander of the 9th RW, this has some great footage of Al Dhafra airbase in the UAE, and the snow-capped mountains of Afghanistan. Also notable for showing a ‘low’ flight, therefore ‘Spoo’ is not wearing the pressure suit.

LOCKHEED U-2S DRAGON LADY COCKPIT TOUR Pilot Vince Catich provides a good  explanation of all those screens, switches, and dials. Made by AVweb.

U-2 SPYPLANE PILOT LIVING ON THE EDGE Shows the pilot’s pressure suit-up process, some footage from high-altitude, and ends with rare footage of the SYERS camera and IRIS wet-film on the light table. Made by AiirSource.

TIME-LAPSE OF THE DISASSEMBLY OF AN ENTIRE U-2 SPYPLANE Made by Lockheed Martin inside the company’s facility at Site 2, Palmdale, where U-2s undergo depot maintenance.

SPYING HIGH Well-produced video showing Michael Phillips of the Wall Street Journal getting a U-2 ride. Also includes various scenes at Beale AFB and explanation of what goes on there.