U-2 Dragon Lady

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The remarkable Lockheed Martin U-2 Dragon Lady high-flying spy plane celebrated its 60th birthday in 2015. But today’s U-2 Dragon Lady is a fully modernised reconnaissance aircraft, capable of serving the U.S. and its allies for many years to come.

I am Chris Pocock and I have been following the U-2 Dragon Lady for over 30 years. I have flown in the jet, and talked to hundreds of U-2 pilots, maintainers, managers and commanders. It has been my privilege, and I thank them all.

In 2005, I wrote 50 YEARS OF THE U-2, a mega-hardback which has become the standard reference book on the aircraft’s history. (WARNING: it has 40 chapters, 440 pages, and weighs over 5lbs !). Now I have brought the story right up to date in DRAGON LADY TODAY, a smaller but richly-illustrated softcover volume with more than a hundred previously-unpublished photos.

Please buy 50 YEARS OF THE U-2 from my publisher in the US ($70 including delivery). I prefer customers outside the US to order from Bookshop.org (£65 including delivery). Sometimes, but not always, you can find a lower price on Amazon’s US or UK websites. 

Note: The first ten chapters of 50 YEARS OF THE U-2 were previously published as a separate book in 2000 entitled THE U-2 SPYPLANE – TOWARD THE UNKNOWN. They cover the years 1954-60, ending with the shooting-down of Gary Powers. 

You can buy DRAGON LADY TODAY from Amazon ($20 plus shipping). Customers outside the US will find lower-cost shipping options on Amazon’s UK or European websites. 

Please read and follow the FORUM page on this website, for regular updates to the ongoing story of the U-2 Dragon Lady.

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